Welcome to ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH!

You want to optimise your IT infrastructure and IT security management, and are thinking about introducing network access control (NAC)?

Already back in 1999, our IT experts started developing security solutions focused on network access control (NAC). The result was ARP-GUARD which was launched in 2003 as the first NAC solution worldwide for controlled, secure access to IT networks. 

Driven by innovation, ARP-GUARD isn't just about providing protection against internal attacks and unnoticed penetration by unauthorized devices. Rather, mainstream methods such as RADIUS and SNMP are intermixed by ISL developers who then enhance them with other authentication mechanisms. ISL's proprietary "fingerprint" stands out alongside the 802.1X IEEE method. 

The ARP-GUARD NAC solution maximises your network's availability, provides intelligent, controlled access to computer resources and ensures access to business-critical applications. (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA))ARP-GUARD actively supports IT security management within your organisation.

Our solution is deployed across diverse sectors. The flexibility, architecture and functionality of the ARP-GUARD security solution make it ideally suited to the healthcare, industry, research, commerce, finance, education and public sectors. ARP-GUARD reliably complies with the security requirements of ISO 27001, DIN EN 80001-1 and PCI/DSS, and provides BSI IT baseline protection.

IT-Security Made in Germany from ISL