ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH – Network access control specialists

ISL is a leading German software manufacturer in the IT security sector focused on network accessed control (NAC). We have been helping our customers tackle the ever-increasing and changing challenges faced by IT security since 1999. Our mission is to protect knowledge and resources with IT security made in Germany – secure, reliable and trustworthy! The ISL GmbH team has years of NAC expertise and innovative power at its disposal. Something which has helped fuel the relentless growth of our company. Our customers value our flexibility and creative ideas when it comes to the quick and efficient implementation of NAC.

ISL GmbH – experienced IT experts for effective security solutions

ISL launched one of the world's first software solutions for network access control (NAC) on the market back in 2003. Leading companies in industry and commerce along with banks, public authorities, healthcare providers and research institutes rely on ARP-GUARD software developed by ISL to protect their IT infrastructure against undetected access by unauthorized devices and internal attacks. The ISL team works hard at its Bochum office to develop solutions that offer efficient IT security “Made in Germany” for increasingly complex company networks.