Network Access Control NAC | Network Access Control secures your network

NAC expertise since 2003 – invest wisely in network access control with the ARP-GUARD NAC solution. Significantly increase your network’s degree of automation while simultaneously adding value to existing systems. Important information sent by various systems to detect security issues no longer gets left by the wayside. ARP-GUARD network access control ensures that reported network anomalies result in the implementation of new security policies.


It-security made in Bochum, Germany.

Oversight - control - security for your network

Achieve full access control for your network with ARP-GUARD NAC. The smart solution detects and notifies you in real-time when a new device connects to your network. MAC addresses and certificates (802.1X) are used as unique device IDs. Fingerprints generated when the device is learned by the system further increase your network's security. ARP-GUARD network access control reliably meets the security requirements for the standards ISO 27001 and DIN EN 80001-1, PCI/DSS and has been certified on the basis of IT-Grundschutz, a sound and sustainable management system for information security.

Tailored to suit your requirements

ARP-GUARD NAC increases network availability, enables controlled access to computer resources and safeguards access to business-critical applications (authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA)). Benefit from rapid and concise identification of known and unknown devices before they gain access to your network. The granular definition of network access (user roles, network segment) within the ARP-GUARD ruleset actively supports your IT security management.

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