Network Access Control NAC | Why use ARP-GUARD NAC?

ARP-GUARD network access control creates transparency within your network and gives you an extensive overview of all connected devices. Any anomalies within your network are detected, reported and instantly remedied. NAC with ARP-GUARD safeguards access to your network – incl. for heterogenous and large networks – and blocks unauthorized devices, regardless of the manufacturer or technology. ARP-GUARD NAC has already proven its worth as an affordable and practical solution in numerous projects and offers an alternative to laborious, complex and expensive network applications. A range of management features allow you to automate routine tasks and reduce IT administrative overheads.

Security and flexibility achieved by mixed modes

The ARP-GUARD NAC solution covers the complete spectrum of authentication options. Version 4.0 marks the development of this interplay into a perfect symbiosis at the forefront of technical advancement. The license supports mixed modes for SNMP, MAC-based RADIUS and 802.1X with the same set of features. Complete NAC coverage is also available for non-802.1X capable environments thanks to the hybrid use of MAC and 802.1X authentication. Subsequent migration from SNMP to 802.1X can be easily implemented.

Implementation in 4 simple steps

Network access control with ARP-GUARD enables flexible implementation with physical and virtual appliances, even in mixed mode scenarios. Our agentless solution doesn’t require any changes to your existing network infrastructure. Implement your security policies across all locations in compliance with the legal requirements for your industry thanks to a wide range of configuration options and extensive ruleset.

Once installed, the basic version of ARP-GUARD already provides a high level of security, which can be gradually expanded over time. Carefully conceived implementation steps ensure integration into the existing infrastructure is seamless and trouble-free, and does not require any changes or further investment.


  • Easy installation without any interferences to network operations
  • Reliable solution
  • Automatic assignment of devices to defined networks
  • Excellent value for money
  • Central management of several locations
  • Reduction in IT administrative overheads through automation of routine tasks
  • Extensive network overview and quick troubleshooting
  • Central and easy definition, management and implementation of policies
  • Client installation not required
  • Suitable for all manufacturers and technologies
  • Use of an unlimited number of sensors
  • Low maintenance costs
  • ISO/IEC 27001, DIN EN 80001-1, PCI/DDS support
  • German-speaking support
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