Change in management at ISL GmbH

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Thomas Schmidt and Dr. Andreas Rieke join forces as dual heads of the firm.

Bochum, June 2, 2020 – Thomas Schmidt assumed the role of management director at ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH on June 1, 2020. Thomas Schmidt will take over the reins of the company from Dr. Andreas Rieke, who will be departing from ISL after over 21 successful years as the company's founder and managing director on September 11, 2020.
In his role as entrepreneur and managing director, Dr. Andreas Rieke founded ISL Internet Sicherheitslösungen GmbH in 1999 and helped it develop into one of the leading IT security software manufacturers in Germany. The ISL network access control solution ARP-GUARD is used around the globe by renowned companies from the worlds of industry and commerce along with banks, public authorities, healthcare providers and research institutes in order to safeguard their IT infrastructure against undetected access by unauthorized devices and internal attacks.
“When ISL was established in 1999, no one could have anticipated the level of success we would enjoy on the IT security market. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our partners and customers as well as the ISL team for their trust and our constructive cooperation over the years. I’m extremely proud of the extraordinary things we’ve achieved throughout the history of ISL”, Dr. Andreas Rieke comments on his years as company founder and managing director. “I've invested my energy and commitment at the helm of the company for over 21 years, and now it's time to dedicate more time to my private life.” Before departing from the company, Dr. Andreas Rieke and Thomas Schmidt will act as joint managing directors and work together to gear the company towards the future. The collaborative effort of both managing partners during this period of change offers the optimal way to ensure uninterrupted business continuity and a smooth transition.

Thomas Schmidt has worked in the IT sector for over 28 years. As a passionate salesman, his most recent position was the Sales Director at EGOSECURE, a subsidiary of Matrix42. “The topic of network access control is currently becoming drastically more important for many companies, and ISL offers the leading technological solution in this market sector in the form of ARP-GUARD. My goal is to further develop the role of ISL as an innovator in software developments made in Germany”, Thomas Schmidt says, looking forward to his new position. “I’m glad that we were able to inspire Thomas Schmidt to join ISL”, explains Dr. Rieke. “He will bring considerable executive experience to the ISL team, which will help the company remain on its growth track. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Schmidt to ISL and express how much I’m looking forward to working with him.”