New ARP-GUARD add-on ensures network integrity all the way to the endpoint

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ARP-GUARD AGENT Add-on "powered by Infinipoint" as a valuable addition for more cyber security.

The Corona pandemic has permanently changed the world of work. In particular, the trend toward location-independent, decentralized work will continue even after the crisis. Home office, remote or hybrid work, however, present almost every industry with increasing requirements for its network security.  This is because the growing number of cyberattacks, the Internet of Things and increasing cloud usage demand better protection of end devices as well as trouble-free and secure network connections. The software ARP-GUARD, from the German manufacturer ISL GmbH, now brings a valuable addition for more cyber security with the new AGENT add-on "powered by Infinipoint".


This add-on, in conjunction with ARP-GUARD Network Access Control, provides extensive support for analyzing the security posture of IT assets in the internal and external network. The in-depth insight into all network-enabled devices provides reliable information and decision-making criteria, indicating which device is granted access to the network and which is not. In addition, weak points are detected and evaluated at an early stage. ARP-GUARD thus provides a platform for mapping the entire process chain of asset and vulnerability management.

A permanent check of the IT hygiene of the connected end devices also ensures that the defined security guidelines are consistently adhered to in the company. By detecting and reporting threats in real time, malware can be prevented from spreading unnoticed in the corporate network.


The new ARP-GUARD add-on uses integrated threat intelligence to provide an assessment of the real threat potential of a vulnerability. The focus here is on a real risk score, which is calculated using the industry standard CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System). This score reflects the vulnerability and degree of exploitation of a vulnerability, after which a prioritization and recommended actions are issued. This determination of the relevance of an event enables those responsible to respond precisely and consistently to a threat situation.

With the combination of Network Access Control and AGENT, ARP-GUARD offers a powerful tool to successfully secure networks with all endpoints against threats.

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