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CVE-2021-44228: ARP-GUARD is NOT affected by Log4Shell vulnerability!

The critical vulnerability (Log4Shell) in the widely used Java library Log4j leads to an extremely critical threat situation according to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). ARP-GUARD as well as DOMOS by Secudos do completely without Java libraries and are not vulnerable to Log4Shell.


Further information on the vulnerability can be found at:


Network access control done right

Keep track of the location of all devices in your network at all times with ARP-GUARD NAC. Benefit from rapid and concise identification of known and unknown devices before they gain access to your network. The granular definition of network access within the ARP-GUARD ruleset actively supports your IT security management, only allowing authorized systems to gain access to your resources.

Rule-based access control - detailed device profiling - dynamic VLAN management - device compliance checks

Would you like to learn how the ARP-GUARD Network Access Control solution can facilitate your operational day-to-day business and at the same time support you in fulfilling operational and legal requirements? Then we are looking forward to your registration for the online demo.



ARP-GUARD AGENT powered by infinipoint - detect and analyze potential risks

When used with the add-on AGENT, ARP-GUARD provides a detailed insight into the security status of all network-compatible devices within a company. Vulnerabilities are detected, analyzed and assessed at an early stage. With these features, ARP-GUARD AGENT powered by infinipoint offers a platform to cover the entire process chain for asset and vulnerability management.

Why do I need network access control?

Numerous devices and users connect to your network on a daily basis. It's important that you're able to maintain an overview and stay in control to prevent unauthorized systems from gaining access.

Reasons to use a NAC system

Why select NAC with ARP-GUARD?

Network access control helps to minimize security risks posed by unauthorized systems within your network. ARP-GUARD offers more than just network access control.

Benefits to ARP-GUARD NAC

Who needs NAC?

Networks are becoming increasingly complex. ARP-GUARD employs cross-industry expertise to help you detect risks and defend your network.

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Network access control

Protection against unauthorized devices
Network integrity

Device recognition

Automatic device recognition
Network monitoring

VLAN management

Dynamic VLAN assignment
Network segmentation


Uniform authentication and authorization procedure

Captive portal

Guest access and BYOD for employees and maintenance technicians


Security policy and compliance for endpoint devices

Transparency, security and smooth processes