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The challenges of location-independent devices

Managing network access is a key challenge, especially in the context of the increasing trend towards location-independent working. Until now, integrating external devices, for example from the home office via VPN, into the network infrastructure has been a particular challenge in terms of adhering to compliance guidelines.

The CLIENT-GUARD as the new standard for comprehensive compliance

In order to strengthen the resilience of the corporate network, an increased level of security is required, especially when using devices outside the corporate network, to minimize the risk to the entire IT infrastructure.

The CLIENT-GUARD sets a new standard for adherence to compliance guidelines for devices used from any location. It provides the full functionality of the ARP-GUARD for orchestrating and enforcing compliance policies to ensure the highest level of security.


Device Information & Access Control

The CLIENT-GUARD fulfills important functions in the area of device information and access control management. First of all, it establishes the identity of the connected devices and collects comprehensive information. This also includes the collection of endpoint policy and compliance status data.

Based on this information, the CLIENT-GUARD can perform various actions. It is able to grant or deny network access to devices depending on the defined policies and security requirements. The central administration makes it possible to save individual sets of rules for devices. This allows specific requirements and security guidelines to be defined for each device in the network.



Full transparency

A basic security check ensures that security-relevant and required applications are properly installed and versioned. These include anti-malware programs, firewalls, encryption software, web browsers, communication tools and VPNs.

In addition, information such as user information, operating system information, a list of installed applications including certificate status is output. This information makes it possible to obtain a detailed overview of the security and configuration aspects of all external devices and to ensure that they comply with the applicable security standards.

The way to Zero Trust

With our ARP-GUARD Network Access Control (NAC), our CLIENT-GUARD and our IDENTITY solution, we make you ready for Zero Trust. With ARP-GUARD NAC, identity verification is carried out using our fingerprint technology and every access attempt is recorded in real time. CLIENT-GUARD takes the status and compliance of the devices into account by providing important context information. IDENTITY enables access authorization according to the "least privilege" principle and uses strong multi-factor authentication procedures to further increase access security and prevent unauthorized access.

Your advantages with CLIENT-GUARD at a glance

Resource-saving client "as a service" from German and certified data centers

Complete transparency and control for all devices inside and outside the company network

Universal policies can be defined for all connected clients

Common Vulnerabilities or Exposures (CVE) stored in CLIENT-GUARD and summarized in a scoring system

In combination with ARP-GUARD NAC and IDENTITY, the ideal way to achieve a zero-trust concept

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