24/7 Security Operations

Do you have an overview of your security solutions and real insight into your IT landscape? Can you respond to IT security emergencies in a time-critical and targeted manner? Decentralized „best of breed“ isolated solutions do not meet these requirements.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) with no doubt plays a significant role in this by seeing and understanding threats. However, a SOC alone is not enough to ensure a integrated security strategy.

Dive into the world of the DTS Cockpit, where the colors red, blue and purple play a crucial role. The Red Team acts as a virtual attacker and the Blue Team is your defense team, on guard day and night to actively defend against threats. However, the real secret lies in Purple Teaming, where Red and Blue Team work together to perfect your security strategy.

Find out why DTS Cockpit is your personal trainer to take your security operations to the next level.

SEE, UNDERSTAND, ACT, VALIDATE and OPTIMIZE - centralized & all-in-one made by DTS!

The advantages to you at a glance

Security Software by DTS since 2001
More than 1000 customers use our own software solutions!
More than 750 customers use IT security software products „Made by DTS"!

Predictable price

transparent pricing model

unique, fast, payable & cost effective

24/7/365 Service

monitoring of your IT infrastructure
around the clock

4 SOC EU locations

Herford, Hamburg, Athens, Thessaloniki

highly qualified & experienced SOC analysts

Providing the missing link

successive elimination of „blind spots“
through Purple Teaming

Vendor independence

connection tool & protection
of investments made

DTS Network Insights

transparency in the network
through network monitoring

Continuous improvement

work closely together to develop
an optimal security strategy

Purple Team trainings aim to optimize
the incident response

Fulfillment of NIS2, KRITIS & NIST compliance measures

Incident management: detect, analyze, contain & respond in one solution

Business continuity management: ensure business continuity with DTS incident response

Cyber risk management: establishing & evaluating the effectiveness
through DTS Purple Teaming

Made in Germany

EU-DSGVO compliant

DTS Private Cloud

Hosting in GER & provision
of services from the EU

DTS Cockpit Fusion Hub



At the heart of our security operations platform is the DTS Cockpit Fusion Hub with our Purple Teaming as its foundation. The team consists of experienced SOC analysts (Blue Team) and certified specialists (Red Team) who put themselves in the role of an attacker. They simulate real cyber attacks in ongoing assessment modules individually tailored to your IT environment, thus continuously optimizing your entire security architecture. At the same time, we sustainably strengthen your transparency, detection and response. DTS Purple Teaming is thus a key tool for proactively developing a resilient security strategy and successively eliminating „blind spots“. Our goal is to help you build and expand a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure. This will enable you to meet the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.

This unique combination of the strengths of both teams allows us to be a constant trainer, providing you with advice and support and improving your preventive security infrastructure in the long term. We understand cybersecurity as a process.

DTS Cockpit Fusion Hub combines the components „data collector“ and „data manager“ in one system. Data collectors collect vendor-independent security-relevant information and make it available to the analysis engine. A data manager, on the other hand, enables the use of a variety of products to respond to security incidents. In doing so, DTS Cockpit works with your existing technology stack, which includes endpoints, networks and the cloud.

In addition, add-ons such as, DTS Network Insights, enable passive data collection at the network level without the need for vendor-specific flow technologies. This enables optimal and complete visibility and interaction across the network.

Machine learning and automation are part of the DTS Cockpit Fusion Hub as well as our experienced and highly professional DTS SOC experts. We have found the best possible mix to ensure 24/7 managed detection & response at the highest level, fully covering endpoint, network and cloud detection. ARP-GUARD NAC, also developed by us, is already included in the service. With our SOC services, we are not only able to respond to already known threats, but also to identify unknown attacks and stop them for you.

We know that the best defense is strong prevention. That‘s why continuously improving your security infrastructure and processes is critical to proactively respond to ever-changing threats. By regularly reviewing and updating your security measures, we can identify potential entry points and work together to develop solutions before attackers have the opportunity to exploit them.

Cybersecurity is indeed a continuous, never-ending process and so we are continuously developing our security operations platform. As a next consistent step, we offer an incident response. Because in the event of a security incident, you need experienced experts at your side immediately. No specific IT security solution can help here, instead, you need the full range of DTS. We have the necessary resources, no matter what IT architecture is affected.

We offer „See. Understand. Act. Validate. Optimize“ as a special service: Your security architecture bundled on a central platform, vendorindependent integration and orchestration of leading data collectors & managers, complete transparency, seamless detection & response, direct actions and control, experienced and practiced 24/7 SOC expert team, ARPGUARD NAC, all as a managed service.

The DTS Cockpit security operations platform is the foundation of DTS managed security services and is specifically designed to take your organization‘s security to the next level. In this sense, a security operations platform is not only important in today‘s cyber world, it is essential. An investment in the DTS security operations platform is an investment in the future - „ready for take-off“ with DTS Cockpit!

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